The blog – Moment to evolve.

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29 January, 2018
Licify in the media!
2 March, 2018

The blog – Moment to evolve.

For many years we have witnessed great changes that have helped and affected our society. As Colombians we have always been resistant to change and sometimes, almost always, we prefer to continue with what we know and we deny ourselves the opportunity of the new.

This applies in all aspects of life, just a few years ago when digital platforms began to replace the conventional way of communicating, a large part of the population refused to use them, but today, long after that technology was rejected, It is a fundamental part of the new lifestyle.

We must be with a broader perspective on the so-called Starup, which is the evolution of digital entrepreneurship and seeks to solve or optimize the processes of our daily lives. Such is the case of Licify, a fundamental tool for the optimal development of the construction sector. It seeks to streamline bidding processes and be the appropriate channel between builders and suppliers.

Tradition vs Novelty

The Colombian by nature defends its traditions, well they say, and in most situations does not immediately accept the changes and it takes a little time to adapt to the novelty.

A clear example of this was when the National Government at the head of the Ministry of ICTs (MINTIC) digitized a large part of the processes with the state in order to expedite them. A large part of the population refused at that time to enter the so-called “digital wave”.

The time has come

Today technology has to be seen as a complement and not a problem in our lives, we must take advantage of all the tools that this new era allows us. Which has been called the “4th revolution”, because of the importance it has for the social, cultural, educational, economic and even political spheres.

According to experts on the subject, this digital revolution is just beginning and promises to change our lifestyle completely.


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