Prepare to win a tender

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21 February, 2018

Prepare to win a tender

Companies have a great opportunity to increase their income substantially if they manage to win a tender, either public or private. Almost daily, state entities, the largest client in Colombia, publish a series of calls for companies to participate with their economic proposals. Also the private sector, in a way to make its purchases transparent, calls for bids from its different areas.

Prepare for a tender

The tender is a tough competition among several bidders. The objective is to present a proposal that is attractive to the bidding company and that gives profits to your organization.
Here are some tips for you to be prepared:

First you must evaluate the requirements of the call.

Always have all the documentation of your company ready, since in this type of processes they usually ask for informative documents about the bidders. In this way, you can save time and prepare the proposal more quickly.

To bid with the Colombian State you must be in the National Registry of Suppliers. Photo: iStock, Getty Images

The documents that you should always have on hand are: the presentation of your work team, information brochures of your company and references on previous work.

It negotiates with other companies the possibility of presenting itself in company to tenders that require greater negotiation capacity.

It is not good for your company to be present at all the processes or calls, since you can fall into the error of presenting proposals that you will not be able to fulfill later.

Previous registration to tender

– To be a provider of the Colombian state you need to do the following::

  • The first step is to register in the National Registry of Suppliers, which registers all natural or legal persons, national or foreign, who wish to be bidders and contract with State entities. It also includes companies that have been sanctioned with temporary or definitive disqualification.
  • To participate you have to pay the registration fee in the following cases: Public Tenders, Public Competitions, Direct Public Adjudications, Selective Direct Adjudications and Small Claims Adjudications for the execution and consultancy of works.

Recommendations for a tender

1. You must accredit before the State or private company that you have sufficient faculties to commit yourself in the bidding process.

2. Carefully review the bidding rules regarding the technical specifications of the good or service.

3. Clearly state that the products or services you offer meet the specifications of the bidding rules, preferably do not exceed the specifications of the goods or services, because that raises costs and does not offer any additional advantage against your competitors.

4. Do not make offers that you can not fulfill, make a global assessment of your abilities.

Requirements with the State

– Public tenders usually request the following papers:

– Simple copy of the current registration certificate in the National Registry of Suppliers.

– Sworn declaration.

– Documentation certifying compliance with minimum technical requirements (for example: minimum experience).

– Affidavit in the case of being a micro or small business.

– If necessary, documentation regarding the evaluation factors.

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