13 September, 2018
4 October, 2018


Provider friend, we invite you to know our guide of good practices for star suppliers Licify, which will help you to have access to different tenders that match your commercial profile. In addition to knowing the good use of our digital platform.

At the momento of register at Licify, do not forget to check the following points:

  • Remember to choose the ideal role (builder / supplier or contractor) to correctly complete your profile within the platform. Remember that for your platform a SUPPLIER; is the legal or natural
    person that offers its products or services against the bids published by the builders. AND A CONSTRUCTOR: is the legal entity or natural that publishes projects and raises the specific
    requirements by way of tender.
  • Specify very well the corporate name of your company; always completing the name of the company, country of location, address, telephone and fax.
  • Remember to upload your company logo as a profile picture, for greater visibility within the platform.
  • Indicate the type of work your company does, that is, only supply, only installation or supply + installation. In addition to years of experience in this activity.
  • Specify the business activity of your company with a brief description. This information will offer the greatest understanding to the construction companies that use Licify.
  • IT IS IMPORTANT! select very well the categories and subcategories in which you wish to register your company to be invited to participate in the licitations published in Licify. This is the
    most important filter, because it will notify you of the bids that apply to your profile.
  • DO NOT FORGET! Attach the supporting documents such as: rout, bank certification, legal representative card, chamber of commerce, sarlaft, financial statements, income statement (last
    fiscal period), resume. These documents are preloaded in your profile, this means that you will not have to reload them in the bids to which you want to apply. Licify has servers and policies that
    comply with computer security standards in order to ensure the protection of your information. In addition to ensuring the non-disclosure, transfer and / or use of your confidential information for
    purposes other than those determined by our users.
  • DO NOT FORGET! Specify your experience, relating the trajectory of your company in the sector entering: Name of the project, description of the activity performed, the name of the client or
    company to which you performed the work, start date and date of completion of the activity, value, square meters and contact information in case of verification of information. We recommend that
    you enter the most significant information for the profile of your company. Remember that your career is very important to build confidence in builders.
  • Remember that you can make changes to your profile when you need it. DO NOT FORGET! That the support documents must be updated periodically by issues of dates and validity thereof.

At the moment of “SEND PROPOSAL” do not forget to check the following points:

  • Validate very well the categories and active subcategories in your profile, because this is the most important filter to notify you of the available tenders that you will find in the bidding menu.
  • Carefully view the general and specific characteristics of the tender: as the name of the project, contact details of the constructor, date of publication, time available for submitting the proposal, visit to the site, General description of the process, detailed description of the the items, quantities and observations.
  • Check and analyze the attached documentation sent by the constructor for a correct structuring of your costs.
  • Evaluate very well all the information before deciding to present your proposal. Remember once the “apply” action has been carried out, the builder will be notified that you have accepted to submit
    a proposal and that you are in the process of sending the information.
  • Remember to attach in its entirety the documentation required by the constructor for the reception of proposals and thus be able to participate successfully in the tender.
  • DO NOT FORGET! use the tool “Questions to the Builder” where you can send any questions you have regarding the tender, that is, specifications, quantities, dates, attachments, quotation
    sheets and other requirements that you consider should be resolved so you can continue with your process
  • Remember to fill in the detailed description of each item in the box to enter the unit values ​​and a box of observations in which you can send some additional clarification if you think it is necessary.
    Do not forget to quote all the items.
  • Remember to complete the section “Value of the Proposal” where you can choose AIU if required, specify delivery times, validity of the offer and warranty.
  • Remember to complete the section “Payment Form” here you must specify in percentage the advance, work cuts, delivery and rete guarantee. Do not forget that the form of payment must add
  • Remember to attach the documents required by the construction company as support for the negotiation, some of these documents are already preloaded which were entered at the time of
    creating the profile of your company on the platform.
  • DO NOT FORGET! If the bidding has a significant amount of items, you can download an Excel format where you can copy and paste the values ​​of your offer. Then upload this file to Licify so that
    the required fields are automatically completed.
  • Remember that at the end of the bidding process you will receive a notification through the platform and by email informing if you were chosen or not.

With these simple steps friend supplier, you become a LICIFY STAR PROVIDER and keep bringing innovation to the construction sector.
Do not forget to see our tutorials for suppliers -> the fastest way to know the professional management of this innovative platform. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us → (+57) 310 807 7414 |

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