Uber, the factor of innovation.

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9 March, 2018
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23 March, 2018

Uber, the factor of innovation.


When we talk about startups it is inevitable to mention Uber, a platform that revolutionized the way in which millions of passengers move in the main cities of the world.

A good idea attracts investors


According to several news portals, Uber is considered a success story in attracting capital since it has interested more investors in five years than any other company in a similar period: it received its first round of angel capital in 2010 (a seed resource that was contributes to each digital enterprise in Silicon Valley), and in 2011 had already accumulated about 49.5 million dollars. In December 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that Uber had collected more than one billion dollars from various investment groups around the world, including Jeff Bezos, founder of the application to which he owes his popularity. The ease of its use and the security that its proposal aims to offer users. These figures belong to the year 2017 and it is expected that by 2018 the figures will increase by 30% according to expert analysts on the subject.

A good idea attracts investors


The startup market is increasingly besieged by people and companies that seek to innovate by giving effective solutions to everyday problems that arise in our lives. In this aspect we not only find UBER, but also platforms such as airbnb (hotel reservations, rooms and hostels), the Colombian quota is Licify; that an important line of the construction economy is evolving.


Digital entrepreneurship has become a very important segment for the economy and technological development, since it is always innovating in order to solve common problems of digital citizens.


Resistance to change


There are those who resist change, as it happened with Uber in its beginnings, it happens with other platforms, at the beginning these startups have more detractors (who refuse to move to the digital era) than people interested in applying them in their lives; in the case of Licify, it has been an accompaniment process to demonstrate the added value and the need to start bidding in a modern way, leaving behind the exhausting excel formats. We are in charge of presenting to the construction sector the advantages of being in line with an endless number of business opportunities. Licify provides great facilities to both suppliers and builders, connecting them to the StartUp that is revolutionizing this important area of ​​the economy.


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