The revolution! – Part 2

The revolution! Part 1
23 March, 2018
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3 April, 2018

The revolution! – Part 2

Hello! Welcome to this blog where we talk about very interesting topics. Today we continue Tuesday (part 2). Taking advantage of the fact that we are entering a short holiday period, we will bring you special content for you to read and share.

Digital ventures have become a plus of the technological dynamism that has reached the whole world, especially Latin America. Region considered today as the 2nd area in power of technological development according to different organisms of the world order.


And is that despite the fact that the region is in the so-called “third world”, every day there are more entrepreneurs who seek to solve problems through digital platforms. This has led to several ventures achieving a position in the region, to such an extent that many of these platforms today displace the traditional solutions that have always existed.  


In the Colombian sphere, we have seen how the so-called “startsup” have gradually taken over the local market, from apps that facilitate homes to those that help the productive sector to optimize processes.


Such is the case of Licify, led by our CEO Daniela Linero, a young entrepreneur who saw the existing need for the construction sector to be one of the least digitized in Colombia. Who would say it? In a world where we believe we have already created everything, an idea arrived that is revolutionizing the construction industry in Colombia and also with an international projection.


Large companies have evolved and now carry out their purchasing processes with our tender platform that is gradually adding up the most important suppliers. In this special mini-vacation we wanted to show how is the environment of digital entrepreneurships in the world, in Colombia; It seems essential to know those projects that make us evolve.


The National Government through the ICT Ministry, supports the creation and implementation of these initiatives, in order to position Colombia as the country with the greatest development of digital entrepreneurship in the area by the year 2022.


Speaking of growth, from next month expect double content in our blog; Our 2 weekly appointments will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.


We read soon! Do not forget to join our conversation with the hashtags #Somos1000 and #ViveLicify, in addition to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter clearly as Licify.


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