The revolution! Part 1

Uber, the factor of innovation.
16 March, 2018
The revolution! – Part 2
27 March, 2018

The revolution! Part 1

Hello! Welcome to this blog where we talk about very interesting topics, this is the beginning of a 2 part special, in which we will talk about the importance of StartUps. Today Friday (part 1) and next Tuesday (part 2). Taking advantage of the fact that we are entering a short holiday period, we will bring you special content for you to read and share.


We are in the middle of the era of the digital revolution, that is why it is common to see that all the processes of the Government have been digitized in order to make life easier for the citizen. The digital environment goes much further; and is that in recent years have been heard new terms such as: digital entrepreneur and startups, just to mention a few.


Platforms such as Uber, Airbnb, Rappi, Messengers urban and of course Licify, have reached the Colombian market to innovate in their respective sectors, but what do they have in common? These Colombian startups are currently protagonists in the regional environment. Thanks to the support provided by the Ministry of Tics, who with its support programs has managed to turn ideas into applications. In addition, the entity provides economic support so that the idea is a reality.


Currently, Colombia is recognized as an exporter of information technology (IT) solutions and that is why entrepreneurs from the sector are constantly traveling to Silicon Valley, center of entrepreneurship and digital businesses, to identify best practices and continue to empower the industry. national.


The support of the National Government towards these digital initiatives is very important, because in the short time that the policies have been implemented in favor of the entrepreneurs, good figures are beginning to be recorded.


“The national industry of Information Technology has the great challenge of becoming a competitor of international stature. That is why we support our entrepreneurs to be part of missions like these, which allow them to acquire knowledge and experience with the great players of the technology sector worldwide, “said Minister Luna, in a recent interview with the portal specialized in technology (

As we can see the development of our digital platforms takes our country, digital entrepreneurs are training day by day so that the so-called startups provide greater development for Colombia. It is important to highlight the importance of plurality in the sectors to which they have come, for example, did you ever imagine that a specialized platform existed in the development of tenders? Licify is a sample that when good ideas come together, with a great Working team can achieve great results like the one that is evidenced. This startup already registers a very important figure, as there are about 1000 users who have managed to captivate this pioneer platform in the construction sector.


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