Women Always Forward!

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2 March, 2018
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16 March, 2018

Women Always Forward!

Women face a professional limit to access top management positions known as “glass ceiling”, despite the fact that they increasingly occupy middle management positions and companies realize the benefits that feminine thinking brings to a business.


The ability of women to enter senior management positions varies according to culture, since in China there are many senior-level executives, but Latin America still faces a deeply macho culture. In this region and in Africa there are many entrepreneurs who take their families out of poverty with their own businesses and enter the economy to change this trend. The ventures have become the best tool for current women to run a company.


Recently, the magazine Dinero highlighted the work of Colombian women who have successfully led their businesses and who today are an example for women entrepreneurs in the country. In Colombia there are several enterprises led by women, which have achieved a position in a short time.


A clear example of entrepreneurial capacity is our CEO Daniela Linero, who has been the leader of one of the fastest growing Colombian starup in the digital environment. He has achieved that our company Licify today has a position in the construction sector of Colombia.


That is why, during all week we wanted to highlight our CEO and all the wonderful team that accompanies us, with the hashtag #MujerLicify we show those values ​​that make them unique.

See you next week with a new #ViernesDeBlog.

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