Frequently asked questions


1What type of process can I offer through Licify?
You can offer and award any type of need of goods or services.
2What type of providers can I find in Licify?
You can find any type of provider, contractor, or specialist in the industry.


1What types of goods and services can I offer through Licify?
You can offer any type of good or service related to the industry through our digital catalogue.
2What is the mínimum experience requiered to offer my products through the platform?
No mínimum experience is required to offer your products. It is up to the buyer to determine if they want a minimu experience at the time of awarding a contract.


1What is Licify?

Licify is a revolutionary platform that seeks to transform the way buyers and suppliers interact in the real estate sector.

“We are not in the industry of selling software, we are facilitating interactions in the real estate industry.”

2How does Licify work?

Our service simplifies and digitalizes the process of quotation, purchase and qualification of builders, developers, contractors, and horizontal properties such as hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, among others.
We attract, cultivate and cure the exchange of value in the ecosystem allowing symmetry, efficiency and transparency in the flow of information.

Construction is the least digitized industry in Latin America, which translates into a lack of productivity and efficiency. There is a great opportunity for improvement in this multimillion dollar market.

Licify currently operates successfully in Colombia and has a plan for rapid expansion to other countries in the region in 2019.

3What are the benefits of Licify?
These are the benefits that our platform has for your company: Beneficios Licify
4What are the competitive advantages of Licify?
We believe that the construction sector can improve every day, so we have the advantages that will allow us to identify ourselves: Ventajas Licify
5What is the platform for?

The platform allows you as a buyer to control and manage all processes of selection and purchase of supplies or services through third parties (Suppliers)

As a provider, you will be able to offer your catalog of products or services and find many more offers than you could find on a day-to-day basis.

6Why should I pay for the service?

The service of the platform is initially free for a limited number of functionalities, later if you see it necessary, you can require new or more functionalities. Paying for the service gives you access to specialized functionalities, more capacity for storage of information, access to reports, premium support and accompaniment in your corporate processes.

7Does the registration in Licify have any cost?

No, the registration totally free for a limited time.

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8Does the registration have a continuance clause?

Your selected plan in Licify is a subscription without a continuance obligation. There are no charges for cancellation.

9It’s Licify an ERP?

Licify is not an ERP and does not pretend to be. Licify is a natural extension that complements the ERP in the negotiation processes. Our tool guarantees the asymmetry and consistency of the information provided to suppliers which results in the standardization of the offers presented by the proponents.

10What does Licify do that an ERP does not?

Licify strengthens and enhances your ERP in the process of negotiation. The most important features of Licify are:

Cloud Solution:

Licify is a solution in the cloud that guarantees the storage and availability of information at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.

Document management:

The platform filters suppliers with specific experience by category, as well as their updated legal and financial documentation. It stores the proposals sent by the proponents including files such as specifications, plans, environmental requirements, safety, quality and other compulsory documentation.


Access the qualification of the suppliers generated by other buyers.

Management schedule:

Fix specific deadlines to meet your schedule.


The platform organizes and curates proposals. Then it automatically generates a comparative table.

Other features:

Invite suppliers not registered in the ERP.

Sort and manage negotiation processes by project and by company.

Homogenize the process by suppressing other channels such as email and telephone.

Award and notify online.

11Does Licify guarantee the information confidentiality?

LICIFY recognizes that the Confidential Information of our users (as defined below) is a valuable, special and unique asset, therefore LICIFY agrees that it will not disclose, transfer, use (or attempt to induce others to disclose, transfer or use) Confidential information of your organization for purposes other than disclosure to its employees and authorized agents who are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information, whether it is registration information or the information that our users and suppliers upload to the platform on a voluntary basis.

In all cases, LICIFY will only send your information to the users that your organization indicates and this information is addressed. LICIFY guarantees that your information will not be modified or deleted from our website, unless your organization decides so. However, LICIFY will not be responsible for the use given by users and / or providers to your information, therefore, it will be your responsibility to take the appropriate protection measures so that users who access your information make appropriate use of it, leaving LICIFY unharmed due to any improper use of the information by third parties. Your organization must immediately notify LICIFY in writing of any circumstance that may constitute an unauthorized disclosure, transfer or use of your Confidential Information.

The term "Confidential Information" will refer to all business secrets and confidential and proprietary information of whoever discloses this information.

The Confidential Information will be considered to include technical data, know-how, studies, product plans, products, services, customers, markets, software, developments, inventions, processes, formulas, technology, designs, drawings, engineering, configuration information, hardware, marketing, finance or other commercial information disclosed directly or indirectly in writing, orally or through drawings or observations.